About Us

We give employees practical tools they can apply every day to improve processes and make their workday (and your bottom line) so much better

Our mission is to cultivate a passion for continuous improvement and drive the adoption of continuous improvement culture as the key to organizational success.



Teach people the tools and techniques they need in order to…



solve real problems and get real results for themselves and their organizations by…



building engagement from the front line to the top levels of leadership.

What’s the real difference?

Continuous improvement shouldn’t be just another thing on your employees’ growing to-do lists – we believe in empowering your employees. Give your employees the room to try new things, the tools they need to be successful, and simple dose of “I support you” and – if you let them – they’ll fix all of your problems for you. And they’ll be happy and engaged while they do it.

Our top-down plus bottoms-up approach teaches managers effective ways to stay connected to employees while still maintaining their leadership roles. Concurrently, employees are equipped and empowered with the tools they need to identify and solve problems. This allows for more flexibility for employees and gives managers high engagement in exchange.
It really is a win-win. 

What we really believe…

Real tools, real results

Deliver products and services that are grounded in reality and deliver incredible business value to both employees and managers.

Embrace the future

Leverage best practices, stop doing anything ineffective and incorporate new innovative ways of making improvements.

Shared success

Building engagement from the front line to the top levels of leadership because when our employees are successful, WE are succcessful.


Voice of the customer

Listen and act. We pride ourselves in listening to our members needs and delivering services to solve their problems.

Created for the service industry

Organizations are still using tools that were designed for manufacturing businesses. Let’s start using the tools that work for the service industry.

Focus on feedback

We understand that the times change. We embed ways to get feedback so we’re listening and responding to industry trends and can fill the gaps.

Why should you care?

A Better Way

Old methods aren’t robust enough to tackle today’s challenges. CII gives you real tools to get real results that can be used to address problems big and small in virtually any environment.

Solve problems the first time

Too often we hear, “well last time we tried to solve this problem….”. Using our structured problem-solving approach, we’ll get it done right, the first time eliminating wasted time and money.

Employee engagement

Employees are the most precious resource of any company. Giving them the freedom and support to take on challenges gives them incredible growth opportunities and results in an amazing place to work. Employees feel great pride and loyalty when they can make a difference.

Saving money, lots of money

Gain a competitive advantage by operating efficiently and effectively. The people closest to the work see the problems as well as new opportunities, so we give them the freedom and training they need to solve problems.

Learn from the best

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, best practices and lessons learned. We connect you with professionals from across the country who can share their experiences.

Let’s Work Together