Lesson 2 of 3!

I’m a continuous improver AND a beauty pageant winner (and loser). I certainly cannot ignore the parallels between two of my favorite things – making ugly processes better and walking on-stage in 5″ high heels and a swimsuit. In this post, I’ll explain one of the parallels. Stay with me here….

Lesson 2 –> Pageant Interview: Sharing the WHY


Above all, pageant interview is all about your “why”. Why did you choose to compete in this pageant? Why should the judges pick you to wear the crown? You stand in front of total strangers and attempt to convince them, in the matter of minutes, to put their trust in you. It’s about making yourself completely vulnerable and sharing your true intentions, your “why”.

This is where I see many continuous improvement projects fail to garner support. It’s completely obvious to you, the project leader, that the improvement has to be done. (It’s obvious that you should win the pageant) But all too often, your co-workers (or judges) don’t see it. You have to provide them with a compelling case to support your effort, so you need to share your “why?”

Why is this project important?
Why should they care? (or What’s in it for me? WIIFM )
Why do we need to change?
Why now?

The Lesson? Figure out your why. Document it. Share it. Then re-share it.

Sharing the WHY is the first step in driving continuous improvement culture and finding success in continuous improvement projects! However, so many improvers have great ideas but fail to clearly communicate the why.

My Pageant Why? Cancer prevention, education and advocacy. I lost my mother to colon cancer when I was three years old. My dream is for a world with less cancer and more birthdays!