Continuous Improvement Practitioner

Solving real-world problems and delivering exceptional value to the organization

CI Practitioner©

The CI Practitioner© is a highly valued, problem solving machine who applies proven tools and techniques to deliver value to their team and organization.


  • See problems as opportunities
  • Effectively build teams and engage stakeholders to resolve problems collaboratively
  • Are equipped with the tools and skills to deliver incredible, lasting results
  • Utilize a structured problem-solving approach to tackle opportunities big and small
  • Have the skills to become a rock-star facilitator

The Certification



  • Master CII’s structured problem solving approach using a set of reusable tools and templates that can be applied to solve problems big and small
  • Earn a passing score on the CI Practitioner© certification exam


  • Demonstrate your new skills and deliver immediate results by executing a CI project within your team or company


  • Build your network and grow your facilitation skills in a live, instructor-led Facilitation Lab where your cohort will work together to solve a class problem
  • Learn and share with your classmates during CII-hosted Study Halls

What makes a great CI Project?

While we don’t have an exact recipe for the perfect CI project, here are some key ingredients:

  • A problem with no defined solution – let’s use our tools to explore and evaluate the options
  • Requires a team of 3 or more people to solve (it’s not simply improving one’s own efficiency)
  • Improvement can be measured with a metric
  • It’s a real-world problem. We’re solving issues impacting our businesses.
  • Can be improved within 3-6 months or can be broken into 3-6 month phases

We’re here to help you find this perfect project! We may even share our perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

How it works

The CI Practitioner© takes a hybrid approach to learning. 

Week 0: Cohort Kickoff & Networking

Weeks 1-4: Self-Study

Complete 8 online courses via self-study to learn the fundamental problem solving process.

Each week CII hosts a Study Hall session to review core concepts, lead discussion and networking, and review student CI projects.

Week 5: Facilitation Lab

An action-packed full day session that is student-led and instructor-supported. Using a mock problem, students will take turns facilitating the problem-solving process.

Week 6: Course Wrap-Up & Review

CII-hosted wrap-up, review and discussion.

Weeks 7+: Project Work & Exam Prep

Prepare for the CI Practitioner exam. The online, self-paced exam can be taken any time after completion of Facilitation Lab.

Apply for certification as soon as CI project and all requirements are complete.

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