Here at CII, we really want to know our members. Sure, we could get along fine with just the basic networking events, community interactions, etc… But, we strive to be better than “fine”; we want to be a great community! To get to know each other better, we’re introducing CI Profiles. These member highlights will help us all get better acquainted, and allow us a peek into the lives of our CII members.

Joining us today is Evetta Aldridge, Director of Training and Community Development at Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Eve, tell me about yourself! Where are you from? How did you end up there?

Evetta (ee-vet-tuh) ‘Eve’ Aldridge – Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend to wonderful husband of 24 ½ years (25 in February), Son – 13 years of Age (amazing young man), and sixth of nine wonderful siblings.

I’m a native Arkansas- South/Delta area – relocated to NW AR as military transition with my husband (28 years- US Army – Army National Guard).

Hopefully the spread of COVID will be contained and I can get back to hugging my family and friends. I really miss the hugs.

When you have free time, how do you like to spend it? 

Traveling with family, volunteering at local church and in community, reading, spending time with my family.
What is something that no one expects about you?

I love to work on projects outside and inside of the home—love being outdoors. They don’t expect it because most people meet me and think I’m ‘prissy’- not at all. (As I’ve been told)

Tell me a little about your company and the role you have there. What do you like best? What are some things you would like to be different? 

Bentonville Arkansas based – NorthWest Arkansas Community College – Workforce Economic Development – Director of Training & Community Development. I enjoy being able to connect with other industry professionals to find solutions for our workforce. Something that I would like to be different – Greater and better access to solutions – funding/training/community-chamber resources for all business sizes and student learner types.

What is one personal and one professional win you’ve had in the past year?

My personal win – my family achieved the best Spring/Summer ever with family togetherness activities during COVID shut-in!

A professional win this year was that I was able to promote out of the box thinking/sense of urgency regarding industry changes and needs within our scope of industry patterns.

What are you most looking forward to in the next year? 

I’m looking forward to continuing a step towards clarity in my role, impact in our business and relevance to our community of learners.

What is something interesting that you have been involved with, personally or professionally? Why is it important to you, or what sparked your interest in it? 

Professional – Something interesting to me is upskilling initiatives for our workforce through collaboration with local colleges throughout the state. This is important because of the leveraging capacity we have in identifying resources that are available to assist our communities – better together.

Personally – I am an Ambassador of Hope for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. This is important as I understand the complexity of the scenarios and laws that affect victims in this business are often lop-sided further encouraging disregard of those victimized. This sparked my interest as I learned in early Health Education research reports the number of individuals (Children/Teens) victimized or abused in our state and surrounding areas and the resources necessary to support their recovery as being limited.

Thank you so much, Eve, for allowing us the opportunity to learn more about you and grow a little closer. Watch the short video Q&A to hear some more interesting things about Eve and enjoy some of the fun questions we asked her!

Author: Allison Greco

Author: Allison Greco

Founder, CII

I created my foundation with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and MBA from the University of Oklahoma. Over the past decade, I have held Continuous and Process Improvement roles for Black Hills Energy, Williams, the US Air Force and BNSF Railway. I’ve started new CI programs and reinvigorated stale ones. Along the way I earned a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and became a licensed Professional Engineer.