Here at CII, we really want to know our members. Sure, we could get along fine with just the basic networking events, community interactions, etc… But, we strive to be better than “fine”; we want to be a great community! To get to know each other better, we’re introducing CI Profiles. These member highlights will help us all get better acquainted, and allow us a peek into the lives of our CII members

Joining us today is Ross Henderson, Performance Consultant at Puget Sound Energy.

Ross, tell me about yourself! Where are you from? How did you end up there?

I’m a lifelong Western Washington resident. I’m married and have two grown boys, one cat and one dog.

I look forward to being able to use a whiteboard to lead a continuous improvement effort.

When you have free time, how do you like to spend it? 

I enjoy outdoor activities, fishing, golf, birding, and gardening. I also enjoy experiencing local activities and the natural beauty.

Tell me a little about your company and the role you have there. What do you like best? What are some things you would like to be different? 

I’ve been employed by Puget Sound Energy for nearly 40 years, most recently as a Performance Consultant in the Process Improvement team. PSE is the local electric and natural gas utility serving over 2M customers in the Puget Sound area of Western Washington.

My role includes partnering with various business organizations to enhance business processes to better serve customers, improve safety and gain efficiencies.

The best part of my job is to build effective working relationships to further continuous improvement knowledge and adoption. I also am passionate about the opportunity to participate in and help improve PSE’s response to emergency events, such as storms and wildfires.

What is one personal and one professional win you’ve had in the past year?

I was a part of a team that mitigated a “communication pain point” and strengthened the way that known process changes are communicated to our OCM and Training partners (we typically partner on most projects). This allows them to more effectively and efficiently identify, build training materials and communicate them to impacted stakeholders. The process change that we developed was to clearly identify the “changes” on the VISIO process documents with a standardized symbol. The “win” for me was that sustainable continuous improvement occurred as result of partnering with key stakeholders to obtain enterprise wide adoption.

What are you most looking forward to in the next year? 

Ongoing continuous improvement and (hopefully) ending the pandemic concerns. I am looking forward to more opportunities to gather with others and travel more freely.

I also look forward to being able to use a whiteboard to lead a continuous improvement effort.

What is something interesting that you have been involved with, personally or professionally? Why is it important to you, or what sparked your interest in it? 

I lead a pretty simple life, however some of my personal and professional accomplishments and passions include:

– Being a process lead for several well executed enterprise wide technology implementation projects.

– Serving as Treasurer for several successful school levy campaigns.

– Providing leadership in reducing traffic related congestions and carbon reductions.

– Participating in employee lead efforts to reduce corporate environmental footprint.

I am also appreciative of my opportunities to mentor and coach others (and also the times when others have coached me).

Thank you so much, Ross, for allowing us the opportunity to learn more about you and grow a little closer. Watch the short video Q&A to hear some more interesting things about Ross and enjoy some of the fun questions we asked him!

Author: Allison Greco

Author: Allison Greco

Founder, CII

I created my foundation with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and MBA from the University of Oklahoma. Over the past decade, I have held Continuous and Process Improvement roles for Black Hills Energy, Williams, the US Air Force and BNSF Railway. I’ve started new CI programs and reinvigorated stale ones. Along the way I earned a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and became a licensed Professional Engineer.