A continuous improvement membership to unlock your power to truly transform an organization.

For improvers by improvers

The DAM Good® Membership is Development, Accountability, and Mentorship for continuous and process improvers.

We’re all about supporting those who work to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their organizations.

We offer professional development to grow your skills, opportunities to advance toward your goals, and mentorship to give you the support you crave. Our continuous improvement membership has everything you need to become your company’s most valuable resource.

It’s an organization for improvers, by improvers.

Connections in Continuous Improvement

maximize your continuous improvement membership


Member Exclusive Events

Join us for carefully crafted events including small group masterminds, working sessions, roundtables and more. We'll grow our skills and tackle our challenges together. Events are hosted every month!



Develop meaningful, professional relationships with people who are improving every day. CII creates a welcoming environment where you can share and learn new best practices.


The Community

The fully moderated community is open 24/7. Post your goals and we'll help you achieve them. Post your challenges and get answers from other community members who have been there, and done that.

Inside the Membership

Self-paced, approachable improvements

The Roadmap guides you step-by-step to successfully identify and implement your continuous improvement and process improvement projects. 

Downloadable, reusable templates

Our toolbox contains the essential templates and guides like the Project Charter, SIPOC, and Pairwise Comparison. We’re continually adding new continuous improvement tools like the Virtual Improvement Event Guide!

Courses on a Wide Range of Topics

Our course library contains all the training you need on topics from change management to effective decision making to process mapping. New courses like Improvement Agility are added regularly!

DAM Good® Membership Benefits

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