DAM Good Membership

We believe in the incredible power of continuous improvement professionals to truly transform an organization.

Why join?

Let’s face it. You would LOVE to know what’s going on in improvement programs at other companies. You want to be able to talk to a like-minded professional for advice…or just to commisserate. And you are so busy helping your organization grow and improve, that your own personal development takes the back seat.

The DAM Good® Membership is Development, Accountability, and Mentorship for continuous and process improvers.

We offer professional development, accountability to help you meet your goals, and mentorship to give you the support you crave.

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DAM Good® Membership Benefits

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Connections in Continuous Improvement


CII Connects

Join our facilitated, small group networking events. Grow your list of contacts and develop meaningful, professional relationships with people who are improving...every day.


CI Cafe

In these working sessions, we'll tackle our challenges together. Whether you are struggling with sponsor engagement, change management, goal setting or a CI project, we'll work together to find a solution. 


The Community

The fully moderated community is open 24/7. Post your goals and we'll help you achieve them. Post your challenges and get answers from other community members who have been there, and done that.

Resources for CI Success

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Self-paced, approachable improvements

The Roadmap guides you step-by-step to successfully identify and implement your continuous improvement and process improvement projects. 

Downloadable, reusable templates

Our toolbox contains the essential templates and guides like the Project Charter, SIPOC, and Pairwise Comparison. We’re continually adding new content like the Virtual Improvement Event Guide!

Courses on a Wide Range of Topics

Our course library contains all the training you need on topics from change management to effective decision making to process mapping. New courses like Improvement Agility are added regularly!