Meeting of the Minds

Grow your professional skills and develop meaningful, professional relationships with people who are improving…every day

Meeting of the Minds

Join us each quarter for peer-facilitated, small group mastermind events — included with your CII DAM Good Membership at no extra cost.

Let CII take you on a four-week journey to perfect your improvement and leadership skills. These live, virtual events are facilitated by an industry professional with support from a CII Team Member.

During these events, we’ll learn new concepts, share best practices and put our new skills into practice immediately.

Each group meets one hour a week for four weeks. Members continue to engage with their new connections long after class ends in the membership community.

Influence without Authority

Attempting to lead a team you have no authority over? Trying to influence multiple leaders across multiple departments? It can feel a lot like herding cats.

We will be demystifying the mystery of influencing with authority. We will be breaking down the simple, actionable steps that will help you: communicate the values of your “why,” break down communication barriers, create powerful experiences, and understand what people believe about you.

Facilitated by Michael Allan, Strategic Initiatives Program Manager, Black Hills Energy with support from Jill Hanson, CII Membership Engagement Manager

Weekly themes:

  • Communicating the “Why” – how to do it well…really, really well
  • Understanding people to break down communication barriers
  • The art of creating powerful experiences
  • Your brand: how do other people perceive you?

Meaningful Engagement in a World of Distraction

The struggle is real! We’re all struggling to maintain engagement with our teams and co-workers….and we’re probably struggling to keep ourselves engaged.

It’s time to commit to a better way – a better way to engage our co-workers, our teams and our employees. We’re going to focus on fun, creative strategies to reinvigorate your teams and create connections.

Facilitated by Donna Spencer, Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement, Lee Supply Company

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