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Embracing A Start-Up Culture

with Kyle Jesse, Process Improvement Program Manager

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Why Leaders Won’t Support Your Continuous Improvement Ideas

with Ivan Vancas, Regional VP of Operations, Xcel Energy 

Continuous Improvement in a Remote Workplace

with Jason Whitehorn, VP of Engineering, Hickory Software Labs
and Allison Greco, Founder, CII

Diagnosing Your CI Culture Challenge

with Jeff Roussel, Chief Revenue Officer, KaiNexus

Stop Spinning, Start Deciding Part 1

with Allison Greco, Founder, CII

Stop Spinning, Start Deciding Part 2

with Allison Greco, Founder, CII

The Improvement Sweet Spot

with Lee DeLange, COO, GenPro Energy Solutions

Leading Through Crisis – CI Saves the Day at WOW!

with Jennifer Petit, Senior Director of Process & Analysis at WOW!, Neil Calvert, CEO of LINQ and digital transformation pioneer, and Dave Harris, CEO of MagikMinds

Virtual Improvement Events

with CI Guru, Allison Greco