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Going Beyond “SMART” Goals

with CII Founder, Allison Greco

Right now, we feel like we can’t plan ahead for the next 5 months, let alone the next 5 years. But without a long-term continuous improvement vision, how do we know where we are going? It’s like starting a road trip without a destination in mind. (How do you even start packing?) 

Your 5-year plan should guide you to: 

  • Focus on your highest priorities 
  • Monitor your progress and make adjustments 
  • Stop doing the things that don’t align with the strategy 
  • Set realistic annual goals 

 As your business grows and changes, your vision stays the same but the “how” you achieve your vision may also change. We show you how to create a 5-year plan that focuses on strategy while allowing flexibility. 

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Measuring Intangibles: How to Measure the Unmeasureable?

with Jason Andrews, Senior Manager, Quality at Sperry Rail, Inc

Before vs after. We measure improvement by comparing the current and future states. But what happens when you can’t measure the current state? What happens when don’t have data? Or, what do you do if you only have qualitative data…you know, like feelings and sentiments vs measurable, concrete data? 

In this webinar, Jason Andrews, Senior Manager, Quality at Sperry Rail, Inc, will show us how to measure intangibles. 

Jason will review five key frameworks to use when you feel like you are trying to measure the unmeasurable. 

Jason Andrews is the Senior Manager, Quality at Sperry Rail, Inc., the world leader in Rail Health® solutions, helping railroads achieve continuous safety and performance improvements through fit-for-purpose Rail Health® solutions that make railway travel safer and more reliable for everyone.  He has a background in Operations, with a Bachelors in International Transportation and Trade, an MBA focusing on leadership, and professional roles in Logistics, Supply Chain and Quality. Learning Lean and Six-Sigma in a manufacturing setting, Jason has had to adapt the tools to the service industry where, in his current role, he leads Sperry’s Lean/Sigma and North American Quality initiatives. Jason lives in Connecticut with his wife and three children and enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities with them

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