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CI Academy

Unlocking the Power of the Value Stream, with Allison Greco

Friday, February 12th, 11:30 AM – 1 PM CST

Hosted by PMI-Tulsa

When we get laser-focused on the project at hand, it’s difficult to see upstream effects, downstream impacts and hidden risks to your project. A Value Stream Map (VSM) is a holistic picture of how a company transforms a customer need into a product or service from the very beginning to the very end.  Uncovering the full value stream and understanding your contributions will help you avoid unexpected pitfalls, reduce risk and increase your overall project success.

Allison Greco, Founder of CII and Continuous Improvement Guru,  will walk you through the value stream of an electric utility, as well as a coffee shop!

Get a little boost of energy as she demonstrates how VSM can be applied in a wide variety of environments and businesses. Allison will show you how to create a VSM, how it applies to project management and how you can use it to improve your project management skills.

This session will cover:

  • The incredible, untapped potential of Value Stream Mapping
  • Creating a VSM
  • Cascading a VSM
  • Incorporating Key Performance Indicators
  • Leveraging value stream to improve project management & reduce risk

    CI Academy

    Stop Spinning, Start Deciding, with Allison Greco

    Friday, February 19th, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM CST

    Hosted by Michigan Lean Consortium

    Stop the endless analysis paralysis and finally get your team to make a decision. 

    In this interactive webinar, CII’s Founder, Allison Greco, will cover the foundations of effective decision making. 

    She'll show you how to utilize a Pairwise Comparison then advances into a Decision (Criteria) Matrix. 

    If your team struggles to make decisions, join this webinar and learn two of our favorite tools to lead your team to a decision they can all support!

    We’ll help you answer questions like:

    • Which software should we purchase?
    • Which employee should we hire?
    • What project should we do next?
    • How should we prioritize our projects and our work?

    CI Academy

    CI in Remote Work: Facilitating Rapid Improvement Events with Real Results, with Allison Greco

    Wednesday, February 24th, 12:30 PM - 1:20 PM CST

    Hosted by Colorado Lean Consortium

    Continuous improvers rely on Kaizen events, Rapid Improvement Events or GE Work-Outs to deliver incredible results. In these events, your team has a unique opportunity to solve a problem collaboratively with limited distractions and no interruptions. Results are delivered immediately.

    As WFH (Work From Home) rules and travel restrictions become a long-term reality, how do we adapt our in-person improvement events? What happens when no one's in the room together?

    CII's Founder, Allison Greco, has over a decade of experience working with improvement teams spread across multiple states. She'll share lessons learned from those experiences working across state lines. Allison will give you practical guidance on applying those lessons in today's challenging environment. 

    • Learn how to successfully convert your in-person event into an online virtual improvement event. 
    • Understand how to adapt your events, and your expectations, to drive engagement and deliver those incredible results.  
    • Discover the “VIP (Virtual vs In Person) Difference” - the critical element to creating an event that delivers results.