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CI Academy

Tuesday, July 21st, 11am central

70% of managers that say that meetings they attend are unproductive and inefficient. Stop wasting time in endless meetings and take back your day. 

In this session, Allison Greco, founder of Continuous Improvement International, will give you expert advice on facilitating meetings. You’ll learn how to drive quickly to the desired deliverable and get your team to make decisions. Allison will also cover great alternatives to the traditional meeting. Join us as we go beyond the basics to give you advanced meeting planning & facilitation skills. So, stop the meeting madness and start getting more real work done.  

CI Leadership Live

Thursday, August 6th, 10am central

You are dying to know what improvement is like at other companies, so we’re bringing you Continuous Improvement Insider. 

Real stories with real continuous improvers.  

Our guest for August is Stephen  Sieck, Senior Analyst at Tau Technologies. He leads the Tau Analysis Team specializing in virtual military utility assessments of future military systems in a modeling and simulation environment.  He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Arkansas and a M.S. in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University.  (yeah, his mama is proud!) 

Stephen  has worked as an Operations Research Analyst for the US Army and Air Force where his analysis has supported future technology acquisition decisions. He has also worked as an Industrial Engineer for AAON and Bueno Foods gaining valuable process improvement experience.  Stephen  and his wife currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with their two dogs Smokey and [the] Bandit. 

Stephen is anxious to share his perspective, experience and lessons learned. We’ll cover things like: 

  • How do you manage the “in-between” transition from young professional to a budding future leader? 
  • How do you suggest improvements to your management who seem out of touch, or too far removed from front-line operations? 
  • How do maintain that early career energy without becoming jaded by corporate politics?

CI Style

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