Virtual Improvement Events

with Allison Greco, CI Guru

Continuous improvers rely on Kaizen events, Rapid Improvement Events or GE Work-Outs to deliver incredible results. In these events, your team has a unique opportunity to solve a problem collaboratively with limited distractions and no interruptions. Results are delivered immediately. 

As WFH (Work From Home) rules and travel restrictions become a long-term reality, how do we adapt our in-person improvement events? What happens when no one’s in the room together? 

CII’s Founder, Allison Greco, shows you how to successfully convert your in-person event into an online virtual improvement event. She shows you how you need adapt your events, and your expectations, to drive engagement and deliver those incredible results.  

Allison has over a decade of experience working with improvement teams spread across multiple states. She shared lessons learned from those experiences working across state lines. Allison also gave you practical guidance on applying those lessons in today’s challenging environment. 

A detailed, Virtual Improvement Event Guide with step-by-step instructions is now available to CII members on the CII member toolbox.