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Welcome to the new way – the better way – to do continuous improvement. Old methods can keep us stuck in the past. But here at Continuous Improvement International, we’re cultivating a passion for continuous improvement and driving the adoption of continuous improvement culture as the way to solve real problems and get real results.

CII is the fresh, modern professional society for continuous improvement and process improvement professionals in service-based industries.

– Our purpose

Tackling problems and opportunities using a structured problem solving approach to implement meaningful change and lasting results.

(oh yeah, and saving a LOT of money)

We’ve seen it done right. We’ve seen it done wrong.

We’ve had to learn things the hard way through a lot of failures. But now we know exactly what it takes to successfully lead major (and minor) changes in organizations and make an incredible impact.  

We want to teach continuous improvement professionals the tips, tricks, and practical tools that WORK to deliver some incredible value to their companies by tackling the tough problems. CII guides employees so they can become an absolutely invaluable resource.

What Can We Do For You?

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Our membership options are designed to equip your employees with incredible tools to empower then to make a change​. 


Looking for a taste? Head to an event to learn more about continuous improvement and see the difference we can make on your bottom line.

Still Skeptical?

Sitting through weeks of statistics and intimidating processes is a thing of the past. We’ve proven that being approachable and engaging the trainees just works better – better questions, better results, better employees.